Kannada Fluency Online Tutorials for School Students

School students of 2 nd and 3 rd language Kannada can now avail of a Kannada Fluency course via Skype with a Kannada Coach.

Very often, students whose mothertongue is not Kannada and have to take up Kannada as one of their languages find it difficult to grasp. Understandable, because, they get good marks anyway, when they learn the Kannada script and reproduce what is given in the notebook. But, when they have to do comprehension, letter-writing, or write an essay, they find it difficult to get high quality answers, which weakens their overall grades. They need to know the language as it is spoken, to quickly put sentences together and not just put down some vocabulary they learnt.

So, this is where our Coaching Program comes in. If your child is on the internet, you know they can be ready for online classes via Skype. A high speed internet service, good quality headphones and a webcam is all the student needs to connect with me for class. No need to commute after school hours.

What will be taught:  

  Day to day spoken Kannada, not school lessons.  A special Course has been  designed to achieve fluency in Kannada according to the student’s age.


According to age and requirement.

  1 - 3 hours every week , mutually agreed timing.


Rs. 2500 for 12 one hour Skype sessions.

Step 1 : Make your payment of Rs. 2500 towards the Course Fee via online bank transfer(NEFT)

Bank Details as follows: 

Beneficiary’s Name : Esther Shamsunder

Beneficiary’s Branch Name : Dena Bank, RT Nagar, Bangalore

Beneficiary’s Bank Name : Dena Bank

Beneficiary’s Account Type : SB or Savings Account

Beneficiary’s Account No. : 101810001910

Beneficiary’s Branch IFSC : BKDN0611018

Step 2 : Email us your name, your email id and Skype username. Email to esther@learnkannadafluency.com and you will get a confirmatory email.

You can also call me 9972268290, to check for availability of your timing.

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