Spoken Kannada Online Course for Medical Students

Kannada Online Coaching for Medical Students---
How to Speak Kannada in 30 Days, From Scratch, Including : Patient Interactions, taking Medical History, and Nutritional History, and giving advice on proper Treatment.

Bonus: Videos of Doctors Talking in Kannada explaining various Diseases.

Dear Medical Student,

Are you frustrated because you do not understand your patients when they speak in Kannada, and they do not know English?
Is it irritating to you that you are not able to get the complete experience you require just because of a language barrier?
Do you want to speak Kannada ,but you simply don’t know where to begin?
Or maybe you know how to speak a few Kannada words, but don’t know how to frame your sentence or question, so as not to offend the patient in any way.
Or possibly, you know how to speak ,but you are not confident to try speaking Kannada.

If that’s the case, I understand how you feel.

I am a Kannadiga living in Bengaluru all my life, was a dietitian in a city hospital. I have been teaching spoken Kannada for many years now to medical students like you.
I have launched this online course particularly for those medical students who come from other states of India, and do not know any Kannada.

I have made audio recordings of spoken Kannada lessons, along with English transliteration of the same. Would that be helpful to you?

So, let me ask you this:
If you were to listen to my audio recordings, could you learn to speak from it?

If you were to listen to my audio recordings, I guarantee that you will learn to speak Kannada from Day 1.

Here’s what you’ll hear on these Podcast Lessons, which are downloadable mp3’s. (You can carry your audio lessons with you and learn on the go.)

Lessons 1-10
Spoken Kannada for Beginners

Lessons 11-20
1. Parts of Body
2. Diagnosis & Treatment
3. Patient Interactions

Bonus Lessons:
1. Medical Case Sheet-Taking Medical History(videos + Mp3's)
2. Taking Nutritional History

Additional Bonus:
Videos of Doctors Explaining Following Conditions in Kannada:


Pregnancy Complications

Diet & Nutrition

I’ll give you my Top 7 Tips to Learn Kannada Effectively and Fast.
I’ll even teach you how to interact with your patients and speak to them respectfully, according to age(child/adult)


Imagine if you could speak Kannada to your patients, and get relevant information, quickly, without having to depend on a translator. Some of the interaction may be lost in between.
And what about the time saved if you could speak to the patient confidently, without fumbling for the right words.?
The patients will perceive you as a confident doctor. After all, they have come to seek your advice. They will be more open in their interaction with you making your job that much easier, isn’t it?
How many patients would benefit from your learning to speak their language?
And how many more patients will you get to see because you now know Kannada and quickly get all the information you require to treat?
If you were seeing one patient every 10 minutes, stretching to 20 minutes or more, with or without a translator, as your knowledge of colloquial Kannada improves by the day, how many patients will you be assessing in the same 20 minutes at the end of 20 days? Perhaps 4 or 5?
Could learning Spoken Kannada transform the way you talk and treat your patients?
If so, frankly speaking, you should just take action now, and get this online course.
The truth is, this online course, Spoken Kannada for the Medical Student, will help you treat your patients correctly, and quickly. It might even save a patient’s life.
Imagine a patient is brought into emergency with a chest pain, and you are looking for an interpreter, as the patient and his relatives speak only Kannada ,valuable time is lost, isn’t it?
And in fact, if you save even one life in the following week, as a result of this online course,(apart from treatment of diseases, improving the quality of life of people who come to you),it might change the course of your medical career.
Frankly, I think that’s priceless.
So, get this course today! You can be listening to your first podcast lesson in about 2 hours from now. And increase your productivity right away!


Payment Options:

Fees for the Online Course

Step 1 : Make your payment :
For Indians residing in India----Rs. 6000/- Pay directly to the Bank account given below.

For Foreign nationals & NRIs----USD 349 . Pay via paypal to e40sam@gmail.com

Step 2 : Email your name, your email id, and the coaching program you have opted for to esther@learnkannadafluency.com
We will send you a confirmatory email as soon as our bank confirms your payment. (Usually takes about an hour or maximum 2)
And a link to your entire Course. Downloadable audio lessons in mp3 format included.

So, essentially, you get your hands on the entire course, in about one and a half to two hours after you make your payment.

This Spoken Kannada Online Course is definitely an investment into your medical career.


Details for Fees Transfer:
Bank Details as follows:Beneficiary’s Name : Esther Shamsunder
Beneficiary’s Branch Name : Dena Bank, RT Nagar, Bangalore
Beneficiary’s Bank Name : Dena Bank
Beneficiary’s Account Type : SB or Savings Account
Beneficiary’s Account No. : 101810001910
Beneficiary’s Branch IFSC : BKDN0611018