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Kannada learners from across the globe appreciate our blog. The podcasts have been downloaded thousands of times and listened to. Successful batches have graduated from the Spoken Kannada Program. And we have several learners taking advantage of the 101 Online Coaching via SKYPE.

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Few of the several hundreds of testimonials are given below.

1) Namaskara from Spain

I was looking for some resources to learn Kannada, and I have just found your blog: . I would like to congratulate you for your work, I have just started reading it and trying to learn some Kannada, and it has been extremely useful. I will travel to Mysore (this is my first trip to India) in October, and I would like to learn some Kannada. I do not expect to be able to speak it fluently, but at least I would like to try to learn as much as I can.

Thank you very much, you are doing a fantastic job.

Kind regards,


2) This is a great site. Anyway we can get the mp3 download of the audio files? Very useful to use in a car system / ipod etc when people are on the road.

Thanks a lot


3) Wow, Esther, your blogs look fantastic! I will definitely be linking to them in the seminar!

Keep up the great work and thanks for letting me know about your blogs.


4) Very enterprising, Excellent, Fantastic Initiative. We wish you all the best, and hope this will be used as a great tool to learn Kannada Language, globally, which we are proud of. Hearty congratulations.

It is quite informative, covers important items.


5) Dear Ma'am It is a long time since I logged in to your blog. I was a bit busy. The new look of your blog gives it a better and more sophisticated look. Thank you so much for your series. All the episodes are great.


6) Hi,

It’s been fun trying to learn kannada from your blog. I recently found it and have started listening to some of the podcasts. I live in the US, but will be traveling to Bangalore later this year and want to learn some kannada. BTW, my mother-tongue is Marathi, and I find that the construction of sentences in Marathi and Kannada is very similar.



7) Dear madam,

Thank u very much, its very helpful for the non kannadigas. Being a malayali I find that many words are similar to malayalam collegues got astonished that, within a short span how I learned this much kannada so fast.thak u very much.


8) Dear Esther, I am learning and enjoying your blog. You are a great teacher!

Best regards


9) Dharini said...

too good i learnt a lot.. keep up this best work πŸ™‚

10) Hello just happened to come across your site while searching the net for kannada speaking. you are just amazing.. hats off.. i have been frustrated as was not able to find a proper coach to learn fluent kannada since a very very long time.. but now it ll be very easy since i can learn from your site anytime i am free... today was just the first day and i just LOVED IT.. thank you for such an amazing effort!! God bless!! πŸ™‚


11) Namaskara ,

Nanna hesaru Coralie, just want to say you thanks a lot for all the good job you are doing.

I just discovered your website today, and i enjoy your lessons.

I m french, and i m trying to learn kannada, so you really help me a lot.

Thumba danyawadagalu. πŸ™‚

12) Hi,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for providing immensely useful blog. First time in almost 8 years that I have been in Bangalore, I was able to frame at least simple sentences after I stumbled upon this site of yours.

Great work! πŸ™‚

I am sure there are so many people like me who want to speak in kannada but they are clueless as they don't have good resources such as this blog to learn from.


13) Hi. I think your blog is awesome and it is helping me get better in Kannada. Thanks.:)


14) Hi...Esther, I am Nitha...I found your blog to be a wonderful one...its a very good job that you took up...Hope many have benefited from this, its really very interesting to learn kannada through this way...

I am also interested to join in this process of learning...Thank you for coming up with such a nice blog...

15) I found this blogpost very useful. I have learnt Kannada writing, reading but I am weak in conversation. I hope with the help of this blogpost I will be able to converse with Kannada people to some extent atleast. I sincerely thank you for extending your help through this blogpost.

Ashok Vengurlekar

16)Β  HI Esther,

I searched a lot & finally came across your blogs. They are simply great !! I got answers to all my preliminary questions/ situations. You will always be remembered as my guru in learning Kannada.

Through this noble way you are rendering yeomen service!!

Hat’s off to you !!
God bless you !!


17) Hi Esther,

The e-course is really good. I've been in Bangalore for 8 years now. I'm more comfortable learning spoken Kannada in a structured way so that I am confident I'm not going to offend anyone here. I've realised that the first offence locals take here is that I''ve not learned the language in spite of having lived here so long. I was surfing on the internet when I came across your website and felt it was like my wish come true :).Your e-course suits my requirement perfectly. It is flexible and at the same time I see it is well structured and organised. I heard your podcast while driving yesterday and I am glad I signed up for your course since the pronunciations are a key aspect in Kannada.



18) Esther Ma'am,

I would recommend your Spoken Kannada for Beginners e-course for anyone wanting to learn fluent Kannada fast. The downloadable mp3's are particularly useful in learning the right pronunciation.



Testimonial from Dr. Arjun Verma:

It takes me immense pleasure to write this mail today after completing ten kannada lessons with Mrs. Esther. I am doctor by profession pursuing post graduation in Karnataka a state where the spoken language was completely foreign to me. I was very anxious but there I found this dynamic, patient and versatile teacher who was ready to teach me kannada on skype.

Trust me after these 10 sessions I today feel confident about kannada language and the sole credit goes to her. She was always ready to amend her ways of teaching according to my needs, she was ready to go beyond her own way of teaching to make me feel comfortable.

These ten sessions were very nice, we enjoyed talking to each other and her way of teaching made the language very easy for me to grasp. She would always make sure that we learn in a joyful way with no burden, she used to make sure that I revise my previous lessons and was always welcome for any question, any change in schedule and any type of request.

I sincerely thank her for all the efforts she has put in for me and her hard work will surely help me in my future endeavours. I am sure the material she gave me will help me for these three crucial years of my life.


20)Β  Here is a testimonial from an NRI parent, Dr. Anil Tumkur:

” Good morning. The kids are enjoying their Kannada classes and are beginning to speak some Kannada. We really appreciate your excellent teaching.”


First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful work in helping people in learning and mastering the beautiful language of Kannada. Your work is exemplary and praiseworthy. I have been learning basic Kannada from your website. Now I would like to go further and avail the "Learn Kannada in 30 Days" course.


For more testimonials from Doctors,Foreigners,IT Professionals,Yoga instructors,NRIs,Housewives,Theatre Artists,CLICK on the About Me Page below.

Among Foreigners, we have successfully helped American,Japanese,Malaysian,French,British,Spanish people speak Kannada.

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  1. Praveen,
    I have sent you an email regarding our 2 e-courses.One for the absolute beginner and one for the beginner.

  2. I went th’ all your introductory audio (greeting & others). Nice. But I find those little too much for me. I am not sure whether your paid course will be useful for me or not.
    I am doctor and want to learn genuine kannada so as to get mypatient really coming out with his pain and suffering so that I can diagnose by history. Also a doctor speaking his own laguage make a person great than somebody translating with doctor(that is what I do today)

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