Learn Spoken Kannada in 10 Days(E-Course+Downloadable MP3’s)

Learn Spoken Kannada in 10 Days E-Course

is designed to teach you all aspects of Spoken Kannada. You also get the lessons in 10 downloadable audio podcasts(mp3's).

Testimonial from a Professional

Hi Esther,

The e-course is really good. I’ve been in Bangalore for 8 years now. I’m more comfortable learning spoken Kannada in a structured way so that I am confident I’m not going to offend anyone here. I’ve realised that the first offense locals take here is that I”ve not learned the language in spite of having lived here so long. I was surfing on the internet when I came across your website and felt it was like my wish come true :) .Your e-course suits my requirement perfectly. It is flexible and at the same time I see it is well structured and organised. I heard your podcast while driving yesterday and I am glad I signed up for your course since the pronunciations are a key aspect in Kannada.



The following are the lessons in the E-course.

Day 1  Introducing yourself, your friend, and Greetings

Day 2  Pronouns

Day 3  Interrogatives

Day 4  Verbs and Tenses (Part 1)

Day 5  Verbs and Tenses (Part 2)

Day 6  Reference to Time

Day 7  Opposites in Everyday Life

Day 8  Vocabulary to Use Today

Day 9  Living in Bengaluru(local market,hiring auto,domestic help,house hunting)

Day 10  Survival Phrases(accidents, medical emergency,robbery)

In just 10 days, you can speak Kannada fluently.

Spoken Kannada (Sample mp3)--(This is a short free sample, not part of the paid mp3 lesson)

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Course Fees: Rs. 3500/- for those in India
120 USD for foreign nationals and NRIs
(Payment options given below)

If you reside within India and are an Indian citizen,

Step 1 : Make your payment of Rs. 3500 towards the Course Fee via online bank transfer(NEFT)

Bank Details as follows: 

Beneficiary’s Name : Esther Shamsunder

Beneficiary’s Branch Name : Dena Bank, RT Nagar, Bangalore

Beneficiary’s Bank Name : Dena Bank

Beneficiary’s Account Type : SB or Savings Account

Beneficiary’s Account No. : 101810001910

Beneficiary’s Branch IFSC : BKDN0611018

Step 2 : Email us your name, and your email id to which you would like your E-Course lessons sent. Email to esther@learnkannadafluency.com and you will get a confirmatory email.


If you are an Indian citizen living abroad or are a foreign national, and would like to enrol for this Program,

Fees : US $ 120 pay to e40sam@gmail.com

Email to esther@learnkannadafluency.com with your name, gmail for access to your entire course.

Committed to helping you learn to speak Kannada confidently,

Esther Shamsunder,

Creator of Kannada Fluenzy


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