Kannada for NRIs & Foreigners

A 10 Day Course to Simple Kannada Conversation.

What Will I Learn ?

  • Be able to greet people correctly
  • Be able to introduce yourself
  • Be able to ask for directions
  • Be able to order food in a local restaurant
  • Be able to speak to cab driver
  • Be able to reply respectfully
  • Be able to speak with a policeman
  • Be able to handle any emergencies


  •         No prior Knowledge about Kannada is required.
            For Skype Classes, you must know how to use webcam and microphone.
            For Audio Courses, just follow the directions to download your mp3 lessons


     This SPOKEN KANNADA COURSE consists of 10 easy to follow Lessons which are the same for both Skype Classes & Audio Course. There is a set curriculum with daily lesson plan designed with you in mind.

  You learn only what you require, not stuff you will never need.

       The SKYPE COACHING 101 is scheduled for once a week at a mutually agreed time. Here, your Kannada tutor helps you to pronounce correctly, and encourages you to overcome your fears, and you will be able to confidently speak Kannada.

           Duration: If you opt for once a week classes, it will take you about 2 and a half months to complete. You can ask for twice a week, if you are confident and the tutor is available.

       The AUDIO COURSE is a SELF STUDY COURSE with all Pre-Recorded Lessons in a private membership area to which you will gain access. All Mp3s are Downloadable and come accompanied with lessons in English transliteration.

          Duration: All lessons are provided to you once you make your payment. It is upto you to make use of the lessons, and download mp3's as you wish. You can access lessons 24x7, and learn at your own pace.

What is the difference between Skype Coaching and Audio Course?

  • Skype Coaching is instructor led and 101.
  • You will be encouraged to speak correctly / respectfully.
  • You learn only what you require, not stuff you will never need.
  • You get additional examples tailored to your specific scenarios.
  •  The tutor will accommodate your request for examples to suit your specific scenarios----Marry a Kannada person / Work / Business / Holiday / Any other
  • Audio Course is available 24x7.
  • You can access your lessons from anywhere and download audios from anywhere in the world. Any time.
  • Downloadable Mp3's of set lessons to carry with you and learn on the daily commute.
  • Corresponding English transliteration of all lessons provided.
  • Set examples tailored to your need.
  • You  learn at your own pace.

Who Can Take This Course ?

  •         Foreign Tourists who want to travel to India particularly Bangalore on holiday.
  •         Anyone coming to Bangalore for work or wanting to learn about the Kannada culture.
  •         Foreigners / Indians who want to marry a person from Bangalore city or anywhere in Karnataka.
  •         NRIs wanting to meet and speak to their Kannada inlaws.
  •         NRI Start up Founders who want to set up and run their business in Bangalore, the IT capital of Karnataka.   

Testimonial for SKYPE Coaching

I can now understand when my Bengaluru colleagues speak in Kannada and it is interesting to know their customs back home. Meeting over lunch is enjoyable as I get to practice my Kannada with them.
Robinson Mason
Houston, USA

Skype Coaching Payment Details:

    Step 1: Contact Us to Request a FREE 15 minute Lesson demo on Skype.

    Provide your name, your gmail id, and Skype username and your preferred time.

    Step 2: Make your payment using the Paypal button below.

    You can also call +91-9972268290 and give us the details.

Audio Course Payment Details:

     Step 1: Make your payment using the Paypal button below.

    Step 2: Please enter your name, your gmail id, and  the Course opted for in the paypal form when you pay.

    Alternately, you can also use this CONTACT form.

    We will send you the link to your entire course.

Skype Coaching

$ 247


10 one hour Skype sessions with English speaking tutor 101.

Access to private membership with written material of lessons in English transliteration.

Plenty of examples.

Bonus lessons and Revisions.


Audio Course

Preview this Audio Course

$ 97


10 pre-recorded downloadable mp3 lessons.

Written material of lessons in English transliteration.

Bonus lessons and Revisions.


Looking forward to helping you Speak Kannada Confidently Today !