Kannada Kali for NRI Children-Spoken Kannada Tutoring via Skype

Are you looking for a Kannada Skype Tutor to teach your child to speak Kannada?

One who is fluent in English.

One who has been teaching Spoken Kannada since 2003 to children as well as adults.

Both offline and online.

Tutoring 101 via Skype since 2009.

Far away from their motherland, Kannadiga NRIs want their children to learn and speak  their mothertongue. Expressing themselves more clearly in Kannada, they feel at home, anywhere in the world.

Parents who want a tutor fluent in English to teach Kannada to their kids, can now take advantage of our tutoring services.

We will teach your child to speak in Kannada fluently. Step by Step!

Half an hour or One hour a week via Skype!

For as little as 100 USD a month!

Here is a testimonial from an NRI parent, Dr. Anil Tumkur, USA:

" Good morning. The kids are enjoying their Kannada classes and are beginning to speak some Kannada. We really appreciate your excellent teaching."

Another NRI parents' testimonial, " Our children aged 13 and 8 look forward to your Skype Kannada classes every week. They have gained confidence and make an effort to speak Kannada. They love introducing themselves in Kannada to guests who visit. "

A Bengaluru grandfather whose USA grand children took up our Skype Kannada coaching for the past 3 years had this to say,"When we visited my son and his children last year, they were able to speak Kannada, and this summer when they visited us, they were very confident and spoke Kannada more fluently. Thank you very much, Mrs.Esther."

Email me at esther@learnkannadafluency.com

Register for a FREE 10 minute Skype session with your child. Mutually agreed timings.

I can be reached on Bengaluru Mobile no.  +91-9972268290

2 thoughts on “Kannada Kali for NRI Children-Spoken Kannada Tutoring via Skype

  1. Free skype lesson for my son 8 yrs old.
    Can do lesson 2 pm india time? This week?
    A little background…
    he understands kannada but doesnt want to reply in the same language
    He always speaks english to everyone hence I need more help to motivate him and maje him feel more confident so that he atempts to speak without
    Getting consvious of his mistakes.

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