Kannada Fluenzy FAQs

Common Queries Answered

FAQ 1)  I have a couple of questions --

1. After I make the payment in how much time will I get the audio podcasts?
2. Will I get all the material in once or will I get it in parts?

Hoping to hear from you at the earliest so that I can get started.

a)If you are in India and make the payment by NEFT, we get confirmation from our bank (usually takes about an hour or so), we give you access to your lessons.

b)If you pay via mobile banking, as soon as we get confirmation from our bank, you will gain access to your entire course.

c)If you are outside India, and make payment via paypal, we will give access to your entire course at once.

For a),b), & c) above, make sure you email with your name, gmail, amount sent, course applied for, for us to give you access to entire course quickly.

Yes, you get the entire e-course as soon as you make payment. Not in parts.

FAQ 2) I want to opt for Skype Coaching . But, I am not sure I can join at the same time every week. I travel frequently on work.

Our Skype coaching has flexible timings. This means that though you are given a fixed time slot every week. If you are not able to attend, just SMS or email, and we will take this session another week, same time. Or another day, subject to the tutor's availability.

FAQ 3) If I take up Skype Coaching, and I am held up at work or stuck in traffic, then what?

Just SMS the tutor, about your predicament, and she will see if you can be accommodated later that day or another day. Otherwise, next week, same time.

FAQ 4) I am not able to decide which to take up --- Audio course or Skype Coaching. Which should I choose?

Both follow the same lesson structure,the difference is in the following.

a) Audio Course is self study pre-recorded course material.

b)Skype Coaching gives you an opportunity to interact with your tutor in getting your doubts cleared, your pronunciation corrected, being encouraged to speak, and getting examples to your specific situations where you need to speak in Kannada.

FAQ 5) I am not able to decide which to take --- Which should I choose - Beginners vs 30 Days Course?

a)Beginners course addresses the needs of a complete beginner, and gives confidence in progressing to the 30 day course.

b)30 Days will suit a complete beginner or anyone having some knowledge of the language, getting a complete fluency in Kannada as spoken in Bengaluru.

FAQ 6) What is the material given for e-course/online course/audio course?

Every e-course comes with structured lessons --- Kannada vocabulary, phrases, sentences, everyday examples as pronounced in English transliteration + downloadable audio podcasts/mp3's of the same lessons.

FAQ 7) What is the 10 day course?

It is a fast track option for those who wish to attend an interview where Kannada fluency is a must. Or knowledge of Kannada is an asset. It is just an overview of the language .

FAQ 8) Can I become fluent in Kannada after the Audio Course?

It depends on the effort you are going to put to consistently practice speaking what you learnt.

FAQ 9) I am a medical student from Rajasthan/Calcutta/Punjab, studying MBBS/MD/MS in Bengaluru/Mysuru/Manipal. What is the Course-Spoken Kannada for Medical Students? Will it suit my needs of understanding the patient? Should I take up the Beginners course first?

 Spoken Kannada for Doctors addresses the needs of every medical student. Spoken Kannada for Beginners forms the beginning of this course, to give you a basic understanding and foundation of colloquial Kannada. You then progress to the Parts of Body and Face Vocabulary and later to taking medical history/nutritional history of the patient.

You also get to learn the numbers, ones that will help you tell time, take medicines, tell which hour, month, year, etc. Or whether you want half tsp/quarter tablet, etc.

You also get several patient interactions---Conversation of a Doctor with a patient come for consultation.

FAQ 10) I am specializing in paediatrics / gynaecology / ophthalmology / oncology / orthopedics, etc., will your course help me pick up the Kannada I need in communicating to my patient?

Our course has all the vocabulary, sentences and phrases you need to carry on a simple conversation with your patient. For specializations,we highly recommend our Skype Coaching for doctors, wherein we strive to give you more vocabulary and sentences as examples, based on your specification.

We also have a few videos specific to certain medical specializations, as part of the Spoken Kannada for Doctors E-Course

FAQ 11) My wife and I want to join your Skype Coaching. Can we take the sessions together?

No, it is highly recommended that each of you take up the one hour sessions separately, so that we give full concentration to each of you. We do, however, tell you to talk to each other in Kannada, with whatever you have learnt in each session.

FAQ 12) How fluent can I become at the end of your Audio course/Skype coaching?

It is upto you to put into practice what you learn in each session of our podcast lesson or the Skype session. Your strong desire to acquire a new language, coupled with consistency in learning every lesson and making an effort to speak Kannada at every opportunity you get,will determine the level of fluency you achieve, in the desired time. Your goal should be to speak what you learn right after each Skype session or right after or while listening to your podcast lesson.

Tips for faster assimilation and reproduction of the new language are provided with every course.

FAQ 13 ) I know other Indian languages, some foreign languages. How difficult is it to learn Kannada?

Acquiring a new skill means you put an effort to gain it. So also with language learning. Just picking up this e-course or attending the entire Skype Coaching and going through the learning material /audio podcasts once or twice, is definitely not going to get you anywhere in speaking Kannada. But, I GUARANTEE that you can speak Kannada after every lesson, provided you listen carefully and try to speak. Do this after every lesson, and you will be well on your way to speaking Kannada confidently.