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I am Esther Shamsunder and I live in Bangalore city(now Bengaluru), the capital of Karnataka.

I have been teaching Kannada Conversational skills to professionals and students, for a few years now. What started as a hobby to learn to start a blog, to learn to podcast, and to learn making online videos and posting them on youtube, soon developed into the No.1 online tutorial resource for Spoken Kannada. It also gave my Kannada students a chance to get online to practise Kannada other than just hook up to social media sites.

I also have a couple of other blogs of which Great Expectations is popular which primarily deals with using technology in education. Kannada Fluenzy blog has been used as an example for teaching Languages by leading ICT educators in UK. I am also featured in the IED (International Edubloggers Directory).

I am glad to be providing you this website, Kannada Fluenzy @ that teaches you Kannada conversational skills.

I have endeavored to teach you Kannada which is my mother tongue and have been teaching awhile through the medium of English via this blog, all for FREE. With great pleasure, I see people from all over the globe using this blog with my accompanying podcasts learning Kannada , and thanking my efforts. See the Reader Reactions for a sampling.

An Update: In November 2012, we had our first ever Kannada Fluenzy Livecast on Kannada Rajyotsava Day, November 1st.

We also successfully launched the Kannada Fluenzy Online Coaching Program and the Spoken Kannada E-Course.

Shortly, we will be launching the first ever Spoken Kannada Membership site. Details will be provided soon.

An UPDATE(dated 31 October, 2013): On the eve of this Rajyotsava Day, ie, 1st November, it is my pleasure to say that we have successfully coached adult learners of all age groups, to learn spoken Kannada, and the feedback has been awesome. Through our E-Courses and Skype Coaching Programs.

New Courses were created addressing every need.

Learn Kannada in 10 Days---a fast track option [available both as an e-course with downloadable audio podcasts(mp3's) and a 101 Skype Coaching Program]

Learn Kannada in 30 Days---a more elaborate program [available both as an e-course with downloadable audio podcasts(mp3's) and a 101 Skype Coaching Program]

Several doctors from outside Karnataka working in Bengaluru hospitals, had over the years sought an exclusive course for spoken kannada. Spoken Kannada for Doctors was created 2 months ago, and already we had 3 doctors taking up the E-course and Skype sessions. 2 of them had returned from the US, and are finding what they learnt very,very useful with their patients. Having been a former dietitian myself, helped understand their need.

Spoken Kannada for the NRI child and Kannada fluency Online Tutorials for the 2 nd and 3 rd language Kannada student whose mothertongue is not Kannada, are also new courses.

Update :

Kannada for Medical Students

Kannada for Engineering Students

Update (December 2016) :

The Chairman of the Kannada Development Authority appreciated our efforts in reaching out to non-Kannadigas to help them speak Kannada. And invited us to present our courses at Kannada Habba.

Update(March 2017):

Several IT professionals,doctors,medical students,businessmen,CEOs,startup founders and NRI children have benefited from our Skype coaching and E-courses.

We have changed the look of our website keeping up with the present scenarios. Hope you like it! And added to the ever growing list of Testimonials!

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6 thoughts on “See Who Is Behind The Scenes At Kannada Fluenzy

  1. Was very happy and proud to know about you. When I was thinking of doing a similar thing(help people learn Kannada) and encountered this site during my search, I was overwhelmed and found it really encouraging. I wish I could be part of such a institution.

  2. You are very welcome,Mr.Pankajam. Happy learning! It is for people like you that I have started this blog, and it is encouraging for me to get your feedback. Thank you!
    And all kinds of learning activity keeps one young.You are an inspiration to the younger learners.

  3. Dear Esther,at 72′ I find your blog encouraging me to learn Kannada which I abanded for lack of proper guidance many times. I am a resident of Bangalore for six years and always wanted to learn Kannada Thank you

  4. Hi Ms Esther Shamsunder,
    Your WordPress presentational blog is very user friendly and the friendly tone is highly welcoming. Thank you for the service. I haven’t downloaded the podcast and shall comment on the same after listening to it.
    Your plan to start a site to cheach conversation would be a nic e help, I am sure.

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