3 Month Spoken Kannada E-Course

 Spoken Kannada E-Course

Now take advantage of our new Spoken Kannada E-Course. Delivered to your inbox every single week for the next 3 months.

Where: Your email inbox

When:  15 th February 2013 to May 14 th 2013

Learning to speak Kannada from the Kannada Fluenzy website, the no. 1 online resource for spoken Kannada, has benefited people like you. We have offered you a chance to listen to audio podcasts (mp3’s) and download them while also reading out the English transliteration of basic vocabulary and simple sentences.

Due to popular demand, we are re-launching the new Spoken Kannada E-Course. We want to make learning to speak Kannada easier and affordable to you.

 The 3 month Spoken Kannada E-Course will consist of the following:

Kannada lessons that are structured and easy to understand, while giving you the necessary vocabulary and simple sentences to put to immediate use. Any learner will benefit from this course. This course will complement what you have been learning from our Kannada Fluenzy website.

Some of the highlights of the course:

Downloadable mp3's and learning materials in downloadable pdf format are provided along with each week's lesson. So, listening to a native speaker facilitates effective learning. Your pronunciation will be perfect and accents will be negated.

  • Kannada Beginners’ Basics (Part 1)
  • Kannada Beginners’ Basics (Part 2)
  • Sentence Construction thru’ examples of Everyday Scenarios
  • Scenarios include commuting, shopping, sightseeing Bangalore
  • Emergencies and accidents, hospital visits are also covered.
  • Interrogatives, negatives, sentence endings,change of verbs according to tenses, conjunctions, suffixes.

At the end of each lesson, you will be able to put what you learnt, into practice immediately.

And at the end of this 3 month course, you will be able to effortlessly start or join in any conversation in Kannada. You will also be able to confidently bargain at the market or argue with your auto driver.

Each week you will get one lesson mailed to you with a link to the accompanying audio podcast(mp3).

So how much does this cost?

A one time fee of Rs. 3000.

Payment Options :

  If you reside in India,

1 ) Online bank transfer(NEFT) is preferred.

Bank Details as follows: 

Beneficiary's Name : Esther Shamsunder

Beneficiary's Branch Name : Dena Bank, RT Nagar, Bangalore

Beneficiary's Bank Name : Dena Bank

Beneficiary's Account Type : SB or Savings Account

Beneficiary's Account No. : 101810001910

Beneficiary's Branch IFSC : BKDN0611018

After the NEFT transaction, email us your name, and your email id to which you would like your lessons sent. Email to esther@learnkannadafluency.com and you will get a confirmatory email.

If you reside outside India, email esther@learnkannadafluency.com for the details of the Spoken Kannada E-Course and the payment options.

Registration closes on 12 th February,2013. Our first lesson will be emailed on 15 th February 2013.

Learning to express yourself correctly in Kannada with the right pronunciation will help you accomplish your task.

Our goal is to help you speak Kannada confidently and fluently.

So, if you have been living in Bengaluru or planning to study, visit or settle here and do not know the local language, or are looking to polish your Kannada for a job interview, it is our recommendation that you take up this course.


Esther Shamsunder

Creator & Founder of Kannada Fluenzy



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