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Thank you for your interest in learning Spoken Kannada.

Our new Spoken Kannada Batches begin July 1st, 2016.

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Are you living in Bengaluru and want to speak Kannada?

Are you looking to learn to speak Kannada from the comfort of your home or office?

Are you getting married to a Kannadiga and want to be able to speak Kannada to your inlaws?

Are you traveling to Bengaluru on work? Need to know Kannada?

Are you a doctor, or a medical student, needing to learn kannada fast? And easily?

Whatever your need for learning spoken Kannada, we consider it a joy to teach you a new language, one that will be useful while you live and work in Bengaluru or travel Karnataka state.
We teach you to speak Kannada as it is spoken in Bengaluru city, without having to learn the script or grammar.

We have structured our course so as to help you learn fast and easy!

You will learn to pronounce every word perfectly without any accents.
Since 2004, we have successfully coached engineering and marketing professionals, doctors, medical students, housewives, and retired people Kannada Conversational Skills through our Online Courses and Skype Coaching Programs.

Read What Our Successful Students Have to Say About Our Kannada Courses:

Sonika Srivastava, Software Professional says,
" Being in Bangalore for years, I have been wanting to learn Kannada since a long time and quite honestly,I had also put in some efforts towards it.e.g Trying to learn it through some apps available. However, I did not find any structured content anywhere. All I found was a list of words and common sentences, which did not help much.
Then I came across Esther's Skype classes. I was a little apprehensive, but the classes seemed a convenient option, so I went ahead with them.
The content of course is really structured, paying emphasis on basic words, grammar, tenses etc. Its almost similar to how we would learn a language at school. It not only gives a huge vocabulary, but also the power to start forming your own sentences, which I believe is the stepping stone to learning a new language. Though I still have a long way to go in speaking kannada very fluently, but I would surely say I'm on my way.
I would specially recommend this course to all the non-kannada speaking population of Bangalore. It will help you switch to "kannada kalithini" from "kannada gothilla".

Beena, Another IT Professional says, "The e-course is really good. I’ve been in Bangalore for 8 years now. I’m more comfortable learning spoken Kannada in a structured way so that I am confident I’m not going to offend anyone here. I’ve realised that the first offense locals take here is that I”ve not learned the language in spite of having lived here so long. I was surfing on the internet when I came across your website and felt it was like my wish come true :) .Your e-course suits my requirement perfectly. It is flexible and at the same time I see it is well structured and organised. I heard your podcast while driving yesterday and I am glad I signed up for your course since the pronunciations are a key aspect in Kannada."

As Mohan, the owner of an IT startup, in Bengaluru says, “My family travels long distances to sightsee Karnataka by road often. Taking your Skype Coaching sessions helped me to interact with locals along the journey, and it was certainly not a problem anywhere. I got to see some of the best unspoiled natural beauty of Karnataka’s coastline, between Mangalore and Goa. Thank you for teaching me Kannada as it is spoken.

And Mason, an American IT professional in the US says, I can now understand when my Bengaluru colleagues  speak in Kannada and it is interesting to know their customs back home. Meeting over lunch is enjoyable as I get to practice my Kannada with them.”

You too can join and speak Kannada confidently,

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27 Responses to Namaskaara from Kannada Fluenzy

  1. Mary fernandez says:

    Please help me.I enjoyed the simple beginners basics

  2. kheljee says:

    i like to learn kanada

  3. GURURAJ says:

    I want to learn kannada fluently. please help me in learning the langauge

  4. anuradha says:

    It’s very help full to learn Kannada

  5. Kalpana Thiagarajan says:

    wanna speak kannada

  6. Hemraj Tiwari says:

    want to learn kannada fluently.

  7. Santoshi says:

    wanna to speak kannada. Please help me out.

  8. Praveen K says:

    Thank you Esther for your patience in teaching us kannada!!!!!!

    Hi guys!

    this is a great website to learn kannada. I’m enjoying learning the language. Also started using my broken kannada on the roads!

  9. Esther says:

    You are welcome, Praveen. Thank you!

  10. aswini says:

    i am new to bangalore so,i want to leann kannada.plz help me. Join our Spoken Kannada E-Course now.

  11. jishi john says:

    i want to learn kanada

  12. Aditya says:

    Ya i would like to learn kannada, and speak to kannada people

  13. Helen A. Edath says:


    I do not know how to write Kannada Alphabets or do not know how to speak Kannada language; what I interested in to learn is to speak and also to understand the Kannada Language. Do you have any free online courses? Please kindly provide the information needed to learn the Kannada spoken language. Thank you.

  14. raghuramboddapati says:

    very good idea. telugu script is similar to kannada. I hope I can learn quickly to communicate in Kannada

  15. Esther says:

    Register to be a member on our website and learn Kannada for Free.

  16. Hansel says:

    I do not now Kannada. I want to learn it quickly

  17. Hansel says:

    I am new in Karnataka. I want to learn Kannada fluently. What should I do?

  18. shantan says:

    i want to learn Kannada.

  19. Esther says:

    You can enrol for this e-course by clicking on the link-

  20. R. Natraj says:

    After retirement, I stay permanentlly in Mysore. I wish to learn Kannada fluently with your guidance.

  21. Pooja Trivedi says:

    I need to go to Banglore freqently as my son studies in Christ University.
    I am fond of learning new languages too ,sowud like to learn kannada with your

  22. Esther says:

    I have sent you the details by email.
    Enrol immediately for the August 1 st batch.
    You can get the e-course details here.

  23. Agnes Appaiah says:

    I want to learn to read write and speak Kanada. Please help me. I can understand and speak only coloquely.

  24. Esther says:

    this site only teaches colloquial kannada as spoken in urban Bengaluru. You can join our Learn kannada in 30 days Course. Click here for details.

  25. hi
    Basically i am a Tamilian but aft my marriage i was settled in Bangalore. here i am in condition to speak Kannada with my hubby’s friends. i have already know some of the basic Kannada words and Sentences . can you improve my knowledge as well as to speak Kannada fluently.

  26. Esther says:

    Sent you a mail,Gayathri.You can join any of our courses

  27. satish says:

    I also like to learn kamnada. Nanage kannada tumba ista

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