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 Are you looking to learn Kannada, the mothertongue of Kannadigas in the southern Indian state of Karnataka?
• Do you want to speak confidently while you are in Bangalore?
• Do you want to know about the culture of the Kannadigas?
• Do you want to travel or commute with ease being able to converse in the local language?
• Do you want to understand Kannada so as not to be cheated at the market or by your landlord?
• Or maybe you have to get work done by the local people in your workplace or move around in the political circles?
• Or simply be able to converse with your Kannada friends?
Whatever your reason, we are here to help you speak a language that is easy to learn and sweet sounding (Kannada kasturi). This blog is an endeavour to help people such as you to pick up a language and speak fluently. Students studying in Karnataka will also find this blog useful.

Register for your Free Membership here! By becoming a member, you gain access to the Kannada Beginners Basics .
• You can learn to speak Kannada through English.
• You can download the Learn Kannada Audio Podcasts(mp3).
• You can learn from a Kannadiga at your own pace.
• You will be the first to learn of our future Learn Kannada series.
• You will save money, time and energy by learning Kannada from anywhere, anytime as our courses are available online, 24×7.

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  1. Mary fernandez says:

    Please help me.I enjoyed the simple beginners basics

  2. kheljee says:

    i like to learn kanada

  3. GURURAJ says:

    I want to learn kannada fluently. please help me in learning the langauge

  4. anuradha says:

    It’s very help full to learn Kannada

  5. Kalpana Thiagarajan says:

    wanna speak kannada

  6. Hemraj Tiwari says:

    want to learn kannada fluently.

  7. Santoshi says:

    wanna to speak kannada. Please help me out.

  8. Praveen K says:

    Thank you Esther for your patience in teaching us kannada!!!!!!

    Hi guys!

    this is a great website to learn kannada. I’m enjoying learning the language. Also started using my broken kannada on the roads!

  9. aswini says:

    i am new to bangalore so,i want to leann kannada.plz help me. Join our Spoken Kannada E-Course now.

  10. jishi john says:

    i want to learn kanada

  11. Helen A. Edath says:


    I do not know how to write Kannada Alphabets or do not know how to speak Kannada language; what I interested in to learn is to speak and also to understand the Kannada Language. Do you have any free online courses? Please kindly provide the information needed to learn the Kannada spoken language. Thank you.

  12. raghuramboddapati says:

    very good idea. telugu script is similar to kannada. I hope I can learn quickly to communicate in Kannada

  13. Hansel says:

    I do not now Kannada. I want to learn it quickly

  14. Hansel says:

    I am new in Karnataka. I want to learn Kannada fluently. What should I do?

  15. shantan says:

    i want to learn Kannada.

  16. R. Natraj says:

    After retirement, I stay permanentlly in Mysore. I wish to learn Kannada fluently with your guidance.

  17. Pooja Trivedi says:

    I need to go to Banglore freqently as my son studies in Christ University.
    I am fond of learning new languages too ,sowud like to learn kannada with your

  18. Agnes Appaiah says:

    I want to learn to read write and speak Kanada. Please help me. I can understand and speak only coloquely.

  19. hi
    Basically i am a Tamilian but aft my marriage i was settled in Bangalore. here i am in condition to speak Kannada with my hubby’s friends. i have already know some of the basic Kannada words and Sentences . can you improve my knowledge as well as to speak Kannada fluently.

  20. satish says:

    I also like to learn kamnada. Nanage kannada tumba ista

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